The 5 Best Ways to Use Your Video

Great! So you’ve thought about videos, and that’s probably why you are reading this. There is so much jazz to use videos in your business, but not much in the way of how to really use them when you get your video done. You might have done the video yourself or hired a professional team to get the job done, but the question still remains: What to do with the video to grow your business!


So, here are top 5 ways you can use them for that purpose:


1. Website: This is far and away the most important application of your video, particularly because websites are not only still highly relevant even in the age of social media, but they really serve as the face of a business. Putting videos on your website will give your audience insight into your credibility as a business and, furthermore, show your target customers just what makes you different from other service providers in similar industries.


2. Social Media: Placing videos on your social media channels can make for very powerful content. Post your video periodically on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ve invested greatly in creating this powerful content, so do it justice by publicizing it well. Just posting it once or twice may not reach the full extent of your audience, so be sure to do it multiple times (with time gaps in between, of course) if necessary.


3. Email marketing/Newsletter: If you send out a periodic newsletter to your customers or networks, including a video is a sure-fire way to spice up the content. Make sure to write “video” in the subject line—it’s a classic attention-getter. In fact, did you know that the opening rates of emails with enclosed videos are much higher than that of “videoless” emails? If you don’t have a newsletter, an alternative would be to create an email blast that can go out to everybody in your business network.


4. QR Code: Get a free QR code for your video and print it on your flyers, brochures, business cards or any printed material you use in your business. Why take up unnecessary space with a URL that people won’t remember when you can provide them with a handy graphic that accomplishes the same goal? In a day and age where smartphones abound, there’s no reason not to implement QR codes when advertising your business.


5. Blogs: Aside from giving them an aesthetic improvement, adding videos to your blogs gives you an anchor that you can reference in your discussions with interested people or businesses.



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