The evolution of a VDSLR “ENG style” rig


Peripheral video camera equipment devices are not always cheap. Their aim is to let us, cameramen, work freely in a way that we can concentrate doing what we were paid for, bring the best image we can.
Since the appearance of VDSLR’s, manufactures became very creative adopting their existing products or inventing new ones in order to let us work comfortably with those photo cameras who happen to shoot HD video too….

Countless projects and few documentries I made with my VDSLR, taught me to starve for improvment in usibility when working with those cameras by adding “the right support”.

Almost any device I buy surrounding my VDSLR can be use with any other (pro) camera too and when time comes to upgrade, I will not have to re-invest, maybe update…. 🙂

In this video, my recent VDSLR “ENG/documentary style” rig is made with the following items:

Camera rig: Vocas​
Mattebox: Vocas​
EVF (Electronic View Finder) Cineroid:​web/​eng_ind
Microphone: Hosa tech​product/​365837/​QENG-KIT/​_/​ELECTRONIC_NEWS_GATHERING_MICROPHONE_KIT
Audio recorder: Tascam DR-100
Camera light: Rotolight:​

Thanks for watching the video!


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