The Most-Popular Instagram Video Creators: January 2016 Leaderboard

The Most-Popular Instagram Video Creators: January 2016 Leaderboard

With around 400 million active monthly users, 75% of which are based outside the U.S., Instagram continues to be one of the most important social platforms for video publication and distribution. In this post, we highlight the big success stories in the January 2016 Tubular Video Creator Rankings for Instagram, and confirm the most watched brands and creators on the micro-video platform last month.

Most Watched: Top Instagram Video Creators January 2016

Unlike Vine, whose most popular creators fall into the comedy category, the big hitters on Instagram videos are top entertainers, celebrities, and ‘personalities’. The #1 on the list of most watched creators is Justin Bieber with 94M, almost 49M more than December 2015, and enough to earn him a place above the likes of Kylie Jenner, and Instagram itself.

Justin is one of 3 pop stars featured in the top 25 most-watched Instagram video creators, confirming that while YouTube and Facebook are still the sites to post official music videos, more and more entertainers are using Instagram to upload more personal videos, giving their fans a behind-the-scenes look into their life and work.

The NBA is one of three sports brand to break into the top 10 of most watched Instagram video creators for January. After Facebook and Vine, Instagram video was the third most active social video platform for the NBA last month, and it used the site to upload 241 Instavids of court action, and behind the scenes footage of games, and players. Its most popular upload was this clip of Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving which generated 285K engagements.

Top Ten Most-Watched Instagram Video Creators January 2016

Stay-Tuned! More Instagram Goodness Coming in February!

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