The Rise of Digital Video: Media Insights

The Rise of Digital Video: Media Insights

Digital video is not a new concept for journalism, nor is it for the nearly 200 million people who watched videos on desktops in March of this year. However, news organizations have been shifting how they approach digital video – and this shift could dramatically influence the type of news we see online, its rate of consumption and how PR professionals adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

Access recently attended The Rise of Digital Video, a panel with some of the industry’s leading multimedia producers and editors, to hear their unique perspectives on digital video and how their news organizations maximize the medium. A few insights we gathered:

Shalini Sharma, video development producer at Fast Company, discussed original content and how they handle pitches:

Joanne Po, executive producer at Wall Street Journal, compared live content to pre-recorded or written content:

Mike Schmidt, editorial director of video at Mashable, highlighted the changing media landscape among millennials:

Marcos Bueno, head of production and media operations at Vox Media, explained Vox Media’s coverage focus for video:

Christopher Booker, video producer at Financial Times, discussed the importance of video for the FT brand:

Laura Petrecca, New York bureau chief at USA Today, noted the rise of new platforms, tools and services, and their potential reach:

Based on insights shared by the panelists and hearing their impressive viewership numbers, it’s clear that storytelling remains vital to the way people interact and learn. However, the way media and consumers share their stories has evolved, and continues to evolve, which is something the PR industry and the clients we counsel must take seriously and adapt to just as quickly.

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