There’s a YouTube Channel for That: Problems Solved Via Video

There’s a YouTube Channel for That: Problems Solved Via Video

YouTube, among the world’s most-populated Web site, hosts a library of information.  Thousands of hours of information are uploaded each minute, an astounding rate.  While a lot of the videos could be labeled as ‘noise,’ personal fodder, other information is useful, ranging from how to use products to do-it-yourself service videos.

Before one goes calling a professional for troubleshooting, there’s likely a YouTube video or channel focusing on the problem.  Altruistic to commercial intent inspires cause, but, regardless, a trove of videos are offered free of charge to a public, who sometimes must take amateur-provided information with a grain of salt.

While professional manuals of the past passed editor checks and published by industry leaders, the information one comes across today on the Internet ranges from professional to less-than credible, with the users left to decipher.  However, look for the following telltale signals associated to better providers.

Large Following

How many people subscribe to a particular author’s YouYube ‘channel?’ Countless many! YouTube subscribers create channels, focusing on particular topics such as tech, cooking, music, etc.  Users and watchers gravitate toward information of interest, sharing and following producers issuing videos of value.  They also use software like YTD to download videos to add on their devices and share with friends and coworkers. Therefore, the better vendors, suppliers, brands, personalities, etc. acquire a bigger following than most.

It’s not a surefire signal; some people ‘scam’ social media, buying followers, so use a channel’s subscribers as a signal but not a definite result of credibility.

Sound and Picture

Those who provide excellent information usually follow suit regarding waged technologies and equipment.  Since any person who owns a smart phone could be a potential videographer, the Web offers a spectrum of ‘experts.’  However, if one’s sound and picture quality is well done, it’s a sign of dedication and quality.

Number of Videos and History

Check the history of one’s account and number of videos uploaded.  One’s number does not designate expertise, but reflects experience and commitment.  Being more than five years old, YouTube hosts seasoned channels and authors.  Search for those rich in experience.

Social Channels

Use other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, leveraging keywords to identify popular content, noting the providers thereof.  ‘The people’ are great judges of value, and popular authors who attract the love of the public must be giving reason.  Some platforms are better for specific purposes.  For example, Pinterest, visually based, attracts vendors and enthusiasts of fashion, decoration, etc.

Search by Brand

Take note of the brand of products as well as service providers you trust.  With increasing interest, vendors accept videos as a regular part of marketing and advertising.  YouTube’s popularity is not waning; the interest of the public regarding multisensory information grows.  Therefore, rather than react, proactively search for helpful videos from trusted and leading manufacturers.

Don’t fret about common problems.  It’s likely others are having trouble also.  Beyond checking online message boards, direct attention toward YouTube, hosting a library of helpful videos according to topic and subject of interest.  However, use due diligence in using information from top vendors and personalities.

When using downloaded video content, remember to respect IP:

Steven Young likes to view explainer videos online, and has used a number of them to fix things around his home. An avid writer, you can read his articles on many websites.

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