This YouTube Channel Breaks Down World War I History Week By Week

This YouTube Channel Breaks Down World War I History Week By Week

There’s a certain level of fascination that surrounds World War II that isn’t quite matched when it comes to World War I. For this reason, the latter doesn’t receive the same kind of coverage that the former does. For the past two years, the Great War YouTube channel has been picking up the slack, breaking down all WWI history week by week. Hosted by Indy Neidell, the series premiered in July 2014 with a 7-minute-plus explainer of the war’s outbreak.

After the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary is determined to put a lid on Serbia once and for all. Germany wanted to go to war with Russia sooner than later, because it was a afraid of a strong Tsar Nicholas II. In our first episode, Indy explains how the various European conflicts spiralled into a world war.

The most recent video, published on Monday, discusses Benito Mussolini’s ascent to power, as well as his transformation from a socialist to a fascist.

Benito Mussolini was a well known Socialist before World War 1. But the lead up to Italy’s entry into the conflict caused a split between the Socialists and the pro-interventionist Fasci. During the war, Mussolini was sent to the Isonzo Front where he became even more popular. After being sent home, he continued his agitation with great financial support from France, Britain and Italian industrialists.

Head over to the Great War channel for hours and hours more on the First World War, and make sure to join in the discussion on their Reddit page.

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