This YouTube Channel Is Devoted To People Assembling Ikea Furniture While On Drugs

This YouTube Channel Is Devoted To People Assembling Ikea Furniture While On Drugs

WHAT: Hikea, a YouTube exercise in inebriated craftsmanship.

WHO: At this time, it is unclear. Co.Create attempted to reach out for an interview, but it appears that the “Hunter & Alex” behind this show currently wish to remain anonymous—perhaps for legal reasons.

WHY WE CARE: All first dates should probably involve assembling Ikea furniture together. The Swedish furniture monolith already has a reputation as an endurance-testing place for couples to visit, but actually putting together the company’s particle board dressers is what proves whether two people are compatible. It’s a task that involves cooperation, communication, diligence, and keeping one’s cool—all useful abilities in dating. Those abilities are not often associated with psilocybin mushrooms, however. The fun of Hikea is watching people in altered states attempting a chore that vexes even the most stone cold sober among us. Every few years, there’s a new photography project about what people look like on various drugs, but the first two episodes of Hikea give us more insight into who people are when they’re on drugs. In the first episode, GIANCARLO & NICOLE + LSD, they are people who take nearly four hours to put together a tiny cabinet, but laugh their faces off while doing so. It will be interesting to see in future episodes how drugs enhance the very real and common problem of Ikea accidentally including an extra nut or bolt, leaving the builder uncertain whether they screwed up. Not that Co.Create has any personal grievances there.

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