Three-quarters of online video ads more/as effective as TV

Three-quarters of online video ads more/as effective as TV

The rapidly increasing importance of online video, and its monetisation, has been shown clearly in the 2015 version of the BrightRoll agency survey.

The survey sets out to find what matters most to the world’s premier advertising agencies, such as how they allocate their media budgets and how, if at all, agency RFPs have changed over time.Fundamentally the 2015 version found that digital video is becoming mainstream; online video advertising is effective; confidence in programmatic is growing; completed views, conversions, and brand lift are the metrics that matter most; targeting tops the list of digital video benefits; and mobile and tablet spending are poised for growth.

BrightRoll has always been a strong proponent of online video’s effectiveness but says that it has been surprised at the finding that 72% of agency respondents said they believed online video advertising is as effective or indeed more effective than TV. Moreover agencies were equally bullish about the future of programmatic: compared with the last survey, four times more respondents plan to dedicate a majority of digital video budgets to programmatic in the next 12 months.

The survey also found that even though it was still relevant, the influence of click-thru was on the wane. Agencies ranked completed views, conversions, and brand lift as the three metrics that mattered most. Over half reported that targeting capability is the most valuable aspect of digital video. That’s more than reach, price, format, creative reuse, and “other” benefits combined.

Another notable trend was that three-fifths of agency respondents agreed with the proposition that mobile video is where they expect the largest increase in digital media spend. Almost fourth-fifths of agency respondents are likely to dedicate budget to tablet video — a 17% year-on-year increase.

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