Three Reasons To Embed Business Videos On Your Site


What is your online video’s objective?

Is it to increase product sales, revenue and profit?

If the answer is yes you should really be embedding your videos on your own site, rather than uploading to video destination sites or social networks.

And here’s three reasons why…

1. SEO

Video can bring you higher up in the search engine results as well as increasing click through rates once you are there. But why spend money on a video and have all that traffic go to some other site that isn’t yours?

Video is also highly shareable but make sure people are sharing your site content, otherwise all that link juice is going to one of those video destination sites and you won’t reap the benefits.

2. Control

To increase conversions you will need to reduce points where your visitors can leak out of the funnel. Embed on your site and that’s totally within your control you can optimise the page so you get the best possible results. Share your video elsewhere and you run the risk of annoying competitor ads and various links taking your viewer away from you and your offering.

3. Seamless Customer Journey

In the pursuit of sales it’s important to make the path from watching the video to buying the product as simple as possible. If your video content is being displayed off-site you add a step into that journey as the visitor now needs to click through to your site before they can buy. Whereas, embedding on the product page directly removes this barrier.

If you want to make the most out of your business videos it is essential that you deliver them in the right way. You’ve spent time and money in creating them so don’t fall at the last hurdle.

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