Tips to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

Tips to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

Many YouTubers upload the videos on YouTube channel frequently. So, many number of videos are simply stands in the YouTube channel. You may have some thousand of videos on your channel if you are maintaining it for educational related videos or tutorials since from one or two years. So, it is necessary to have a channel cleanup to make your channel better on YouTube platform. There are several tools and some different ways that are available, which can help you to cleanup your YouTube channel. Here are some tips to follow while cleaning your YouTube channel.

Cleaning of YouTube channel helps you to get good visibility in the search results. It also remove the hassles to find out the videos. It also helps in making your rank even more better during the search engine results as well as on YouTube search too.

Go with Playlists

It is very important to organize your videos in a right way as the viewers search basing n the data and popularity. So organize the in the form of playlists and make it easy to the audience. Clean up unnecessary videos.

Remove Extra Tags

Recently, YouTube channel was not allowing more tags to the videos and even shutting down some channels permanently. So, go with your old videos and remove the extra tags and clean up the tags as soon as possible.

Clean up your Long Descriptions and Go with your Metadata

The descriptions which are between the 200 to 250 words have good engagement levels on YouTube channel. So, it is better to change your previous video description and make them new on YouTube channel. By Re-Indexing the video results in reduction of the views so, it is better to update the metadata only.

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