Top 3 tips to implement a curated video strategy

Top 3 tips to implement a curated video strategy

Kristina: How can brands find the right content for their brand?

Brendan Lattrell, co-founder and CEO of Grapevine: This is the hardest part about influencer marketing, and the truthful answer is that they likely won’t hit the nail on the head right off the bat. In fact, we’ve seen time and time again brands come to us with a clear cut notion of who their target audience is and who their ideal creator is. Thing is, a creator may fit your brand, but their audience may not (and vice versa). We’ve experienced huge successes when brands have thought outside of the box and worked with creators who may not be what typically “fits” their brand. For example, we partnered with a makeup brand to promote product launches with musicians who sing covers on their YouTube channel. This was a new approach for this particular beauty brand, as it was outside their traditional beauty vlogger “how to” video approach. But this out-of-the box thinking worked so well that the campaign received over 30M social media impressions in the first two months it was live.
Kristina: What are your top 3 tips for brands who are considering the addition of sponsored video content to their marketing mix?

Brendan: 1. Let the creators steer the ship. They are super creative and can think of more relevant ideas for their audience. Give guidelines so they know what you want, but let them take ownership and drive. You’ll be amazed with what you get. SecretLifeOfABioNerd is a great example of someone who is always thinking of unique ways to promote products and incorporate them into her videos.

2. Put a real budget toward this. Don’t test with your leftover budget – influencer marketing should be a line item in your budget if you truly want to test. Testing one video won’t give you a good understanding of the space (but you could get lucky), so work with multiple creators of different sizes, styles, and even categories. That’s the only way you’ll truly be able to figure out if this world is for you. Also, this is a relationship (hopefully a lasting one), and creators for the most part aren’t trying to scam brands. They know their audience and are typically pretty in tune with what their channel is worth. Have real, honest conversations with creators if you think pricing is off – oftentimes you can find a common ground.

3. Get started ASAP. There are tons of brands already ahead of you, but more that haven’t realized the potential of influencer marketing yet. Get started today, find your groove and beat your competition. Don’t think that it won’t work for your brand – influencer marketing works for almost everyone.

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