Top Online Video Creators Across Social Platforms: August 2015 Leaderboard



Did you know there were over 153 billion video views generated across the 4 major social video platforms in August 2015? Or that Buzzfeed, the WWE, and Taylor Swift were some of the most-watched brands and superstar creators across any of those social networking sites?

Each month, we will highlight the most watched video creators across YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, and confirm the viewing figures for the top channels and accounts via Tubular‘s ranking leaderboards. The data will shine a spotlight onto the brands and independent creators who are generating the most video views across some of the world’s biggest social video networking sites. For August 2015, we’ll take a look at 3 of the most watched channels and the content that engaged the viewers the most.

Top Video Channel Rankings Across Platforms: August 2015

For the fourth month in a row, BuzzfeedVideo claimed the #1 spot for the most-watched cross-platform video creator, with brand partner BuzzFeed Food taking the #5 position. Between them, the two accounts generated 1.2 billion views for the publishing giant, and drummed up a staggering 2 million new followers across the main social video platforms.

The three most-watched videos for Buzzfeed Video last month were all posted to Facebook, with ‘Americans Try Absinthe For The First Time‘ (19.3M views), ‘Struggles Only Former Brace Faces Understand (18.7M views), and ‘Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do’ (18.4M views):

Buzzfeed Video’s most watched on YouTube was ‘People Who Hate Cats Meet Kittens’ which generated 4.9M views and 99K engagements.

Top Online Video Creators Across Social Platforms: August 2015 Leaderboard Top 10 Cross Platform Video Creators August 2015 750x916

In July 2015, the WWE secured its place on the leaderboard mainly through the videos it uploaded to its YouTube channel, with 9 out of 10 of the most viewed videos for the brand on that site. But for August 2015, it was a Vine upload that generated the most views for WWE, but it wasn’t just any old Vine.

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On the 6th of August, Jon Stewart presented his last ‘Daily Show’ watched by a record 3.5 million viewers. But that number pales in comparison against Stewart’s appearance in the ring with United States Champion John Cena, as part of SummerSlam, an event captured on a micro-video that attracted 10.6 million views, or loops.

Top Ten Most-Watched Cross-Platform Creators August 2015

  1. Buzzfeed Video (772M Views)
  2. WWE (562M Views)
  3. Little Baby Bum (445M Views)
  4. Netdmuzikk (436M Views)
  5. Buzzfeed Food (426M Views)
  6. The Diamond Minecart (395M Views)
  7. Taylor Swift (383M Views)
  8. Baby Big Mouth (368M Views)
  9. FunToyzCollector (334M Views)
  10. Logan Paul (329M Views)

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