Top Online Video Creators Across Social Platforms: March 2016 Leaderboard

Top Online Video Creators Across Social Platforms: March 2016 Leaderboard

Each month, we will highlight the most watched video creators across YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, and confirm the viewing figures for the top channels and accounts via Tubular’s ranking leaderboards. The data will shine a spotlight onto the brands and independent creators who are generating the most video views across some of the world’s biggest social video networking sites. This month, take a look at not just who is on top of the charts, but what type of content they are making. Based on this list, there is a noticeable trend for what type of content works best on which platform right now.

Top Video Cross Platform Rankings: March 2016

While most of our readers have become accustomed to BuzzFeed dominating this chart, it’s important to note how they are doing it. BuzzFeed Tasty is making their way through food videos and recipes, primarily on Facebook. They have mastered the ability to create eye-popping visuals that grab viewers’ attention and draw them in to each video. They keep their clips short, to the point, and also link it back to their main site to drive even more traffic to other content they own.

BuzzFeed Video is a perfect example of content that works well on both Facebook and YouTube. The more traditional-style of video features catchy titles, well-edited sequences, and background music. Videos from BuzzFeed video tend to get to the point quickly and are under 4 minutes most of the time. This allows them to tell their story and still get you moving on to the next piece of content. They earned a fairly even split in march with just shy of 300 million views coming from YouTube and another 390 million coming from Facebook.

Tastemade is doing something similar with Facebook, also relying on large thumbnail images that highlight the food in the video. Thumbnails like this are key on Facebook and thrive in the feed whether it’s on mobile or desktop. Between Tastemade and Buzzfeed Tasty, there were over 3 billion video views generated on Facebook in March. Tastemade’s most viewed video on Facebook last month was this walk-through for potato pizza which generated over 87M views, and 1.7M engagements.

While certain types of content are branching out to other platforms, YouTube remains a very safe bet when it comes to music. Bieber hasn’t even released a new video on his VEVO channel or his personal channel in over 4 weeks and yet here he is, gaining views from the long-tail performance of his videos. Meanwhile, the WWE continues to use YouTube as a storage place for exclusive clips following all of their events. They have built a community that enjoys and looks forward to the release of this exclusive footage and it keeps fans engaged through the WWE and not a random fan posting stolen footage.

The last YouTube standout in the top 10 is from Ryan ToysReview. As buyers increase their spending from online retailers, video product reviews become increasingly important, especially for toys. Buyers need to be able to feel like what they are purchasing is exactly what they expect and want.

Top Ten Most-Watched Cross-Platform Creators March 2016

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