Earlier this year, I visited the HQ of DOZ in San Francisco to talk about the trends driving the future of marketing. When I arrived, I was greeted by a camera crew and an enthusiastic team of marketers ready to talk about the digital (r)evolution and its impact on the real world. While I could have talked all day, we focused on four key themes, with each packaged into individual episodes.

One: The Biggest Trends in Marketing

In episode 1, I explore the on-demand economy and the impact that it’s having on consumer preferences. I also review the importance of SEO and SMO, which is still critical in business. I also snuck in a bit of a clue about my next book. Have you ever noticed the parallels between the movies Tron, Inception, and The Matrix?

 Two: The Future of Marketing

Intended brand experiences that are felt and shared is the future of brand architecture. In episode 2, I also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover or first entrant in a new market. Interestingly, while there are opportunities that emerge from acting early, there are also some significant downsides that often result in misreading of the market and its potential.

 Three: How to Humanize Marketing

Episode 3 could also be renamed, “real talk.” I open with line I hope doesn’t offend marketers. Instead I hope it inspires change, “marketing is inhuman.” Localizing, humanizing, and ensuring cultural compatibility in marketing represents a “tremendous opportunity” for brands. Here, I talk about the importance thinking globally but acting locally to earn cultural relevance.

 Four: The Future of Marketers

As marketing changes, so too does the role of marketers. In this final installment, I review how the job of marketers will change now and in the future. I’m paying close attention to the ways in which the on-demand economy is opening new doors for marketers to thrive in the freelance movement and the impact it will have on in-house roles and teams. There’s a strong possibility that the use of expert freelancers will expand from individual tasks and specialization to entire teams of external experts delivering marketing value for a company. This move will be different to everyday consulting or outsourcing as in-house teams become contracted, working remotely yet working together in online not necessarily physical spaces.


The TL;DR version for all of those with too many things to swipe and click, DOZ visually summarized the conversation this way.

1. Don’t try to sell or deceive. Inspire.

2. Think about SEO as a journey.

3.  Think globally. Act locally.

4. Plug into the on-demand economy. Create value either in-house or part of a virtual team. At some point, much of what we do as employees will become part of the on-demand economy.

About DOZ

DOZ is a marketing platform that brings together a pool of experts with marketers in need of said expertise through a shared management and measurement platform. The goal is to rapidly collaborate and iterate on branded campaigns  in real-time with activities, performance and all moving parts elegantly managed in one dashboard.