Top Vine Stars & Most-Watched Vine Creators: October 2015 Leaderboard

Top Vine Stars & Most-Watched Vine Creators: October 2015 Leaderboard

Over 11 million creators publish video content to the major social video platforms every month, and now we can confirm the top video talent across those sites to show you who is generating the most views, engagement, followers and buzz.

Using data from Tubular, we can track and measure the most watched online video creators on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. In this post, we take a specific look at October 2015 Video Creator Rankings for Vine, and which Vine stars generated the most views and engagement on the site last month.

Most Popular Vine Video Stars: October 2015

According to the most up to date statistics for the site, around 100 million people watch at least one Vine a month, either on their mobile device or via their desktop. For video marketing teams, Vine is an important part of the programming and distribution strategy for content, but it’s fair to say that Vine has made more stars out of individuals, than it has of brands, although of course some brands are killing it on the platform.

As you can see from the October leaderboard, the top 10 most watched Viners are still independent creators, and appear in the comedy category. For the sixth month in a row, teenage Vine star Lele Pons, who is perhaps best known for pulling pranks on her friends and family, was the most watch Vine creator, with an incredible 260 million views, or loops as they are known on the site.

Lele Pons, a Miami-based teenager became the first Vine star to reach 1 billion, and then 6 billion loops. The teenage sensation has over 9.9 million followers on her Vine account, and picked up 300K new followers last month alone.

Along with King Bach, Thomas Sanders and other Vine superstars who are fast becoming are the new Influencers for millennials, Pons can command a good fee for any product or service endorsed. She has used her Vine channel to collaborate with or promote Ritz Crackers, HP, and Kotex, and belongs to a stable of Viners represented by Gary Vaynerchuk’s Grapestory, a company dedicated to matching Vine personalities to brands such as Virgin Mobile, and GE. Influencer marketing has such widespread benefit for brands, that Vines owner Twitter, invested a rumored $30 million in February this year to acquire Niche, a site that also helps brands and advertisers find Vine Influencers to work them on endorsement deals. So, although Vine doesn’t carry paid advertising, it’s creators like those featured in the most-watched Leaderboard that can offer brands the visibility they need to access their target audience on the platform.

Jay Versace made his chart debut at #3 with a total of 161 million Vine views for October. His most looped Vine, with over 21 million views, was this 6-second clip of Drake, lifted directly from the much-mocked ‘Hotline Bling’ video but set to a much jauntier soundtrack.

The 7th most watched Vine star for September 2015 was King Bach, who made the headlines recently when a collaboration with comedy kings Key and Peele was announced. His most watched Vine of last month was not only featured fellow Vine superstars Lele Pons and Jerome Jarre, but included a fantastic cameo from First Lady Michelle Obama. The vine generated 18.5M views, and 564K engagements.

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