TubeStart Readies for Launch, a Kickstarter for YouTube Creators

TubeStart Readies for Launch, a Kickstarter  for YouTube Creators

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Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to fund a project, and now  there’s a crowdfunding site just for YouTube creators. TubeStart  will launch August 20, with the goal of helping YouTubers fund a project or  create a steady income stream. In return for their investments, backers get  exclusive videos, bonus content, or the ability to see new work first.

TubeStartUnlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, TubeStart offers a subscription  plan that helps video creators earn regular income. If creators are looking to  finance a one-time project, however, they can set up their pitch that way, as  well. Advertising alone isn’t enough to fund most YouTube creators, so TubeStart  could become a popular alternative source of funding.

When it launches, TubeStart will be open to video-makers in the U.S., Canada,  and Europe. Members are free to launch campaigns for between $500 and $500,000.  If setting up a subscription campaign, they can ask for between $5 and $50 per  month. While members will pay fees to TubeStart for its service, early birds who  sign up before the August 20 launch won’t need to pay any fees or  commissions.

For more on how TubeStart works, watch the site’s intro video below. Those  interested can register their email address to be notified when the service  launches.

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