Tucker Carlson: “Digital Video Monopoly” YouTube Censors Content On A “Totally Subjective” And “Political” Basis



FNC’s Tucker Carlson discussed “digital video monopoly” YouTube and its parent company “digital search monopoly” Google on his Thursday night program. Carlson presents an exclusive internal memo demonstrating how YouTube’s censorship guidelines are “totally subjective” and are designed with “maximum political intent.”

The memo said YouTube will censor videos that challenge the “freedom to belong, including the resulting benefits of diversity and inclusion” – a notion Carlson called “entirely subjective.”

It also says videos can be demonetized or put in “limited state” for attacks on “protected groups,” including refugees. Videos put into “limited state” can’t get likes or comments, run ads, or appear as related to other videos.

“It is worth noting that almost no one in power is fighting back against this censorship, even though you have an American company incubated in America by American under the protection of American law and courts, which is now working to undermine the most sacred of American rights — freedom of expression.”

“But Congress, which is run by Republicans right now, is doing nothing about this,” he also said. “When you ask them they mumble something unintelligible about free markets and get back to designing another tax cut for companies like Youtube.”

“Meanwhile, the rest of us who live here and still care about free speech are left to fend for themselves. The big digital monopolies demand we conform to their worldview, and they shut us down when we dissent,” he concluded.

Carlson called YouTube’s “assault on free thought” a “threat to this country,” adding that “it’s time to complain while we still can.”



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