Turn Twitter Into Your Own Personal TV Show With Stevie

By Lauren Dugan on December 25, 2013 7:00 PM

Turn Twitter Into Your Own Personal TV Show With Stevie

Here’s something for the “ooooh, so cool” files: a new personalized TV service called Stevie will create a TV channel based on your Twitter timeline.

The Next Web has the scoop on Stevie’s latest Twitter-specific channel creation called #FollowTV.

Basically, Stevie will create a TV channel that pulls information – like videos, photos and tweets – from your Twitter feed. All you have to do is connect your Twitter account at Stevie.com and you’re ready to go.


You have a couple of options when browsing Stevie’s TV channels. You can watch your channel, which consists of tweets you’ve sent, videos you’ve posted, your retweets, etc. presented like a TV channel. Or, you can visit #FollowTV and choose from a number of curated channels that span topics like sports, food, news, tech, lifestyle and more. #FollowTV also links to several trending topics so you can see what’s hot right now, and it allows you to search for any keyword or hashtag and turn it into a TV channel.

If you, like so many fellow netizens, feel overwhelmed with the amount of content and information shared by your social networks, Stevie is a neat way to cut through the noise without cutting anything out. The videos and text on each TV channel will show you the latest news about any topic you’re interested in.


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