Twitter Adds Ability To Embed Vines On Any Website

Twitter just released a great new way to use Vines for your business – the ability to embed them on your website.

And if you’re wondering why you should bother, you obviously didn’t catch our post on what a six-second video can do for your business (go read that first, we’ll wait.)

Yes, you could post Vines on your website before now, but it took some fancy footwork. You had to find the Vine on Twitter (assuming it was tweeted) and then embed the tweet. Who likes extra steps? Not me! And maybe you don’t want to tweet every Vine you create (and maybe your followers don’t want to see them). So this update brings all kinds of goodness to your life.

The Vine blog tells us that there are now two ways to embed Vines:

  1. From a post’s page on
  2. By using the latest version of our mobile app

Before you do anything else – go to your app folder and download the Vine update so you aren’t cursing at your screen needlessly on this holiest of daysin front of your child.

Now create a Vine! And then you’ll see this progression of screens allowing you to embed:


Once you click “embed,” you’ll be prompted to enter an email address for sending a link to embed instructions, with two options “simple” and “postcard.” Simple is a good choice if you want the image only:


But if you’re all about self-promotion (and who online isn’t?), you may want to opt for the “postcard” view embedded below. It shares your Vine handle:

Twitter looks forward to seeing these “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life” aka Vines – and so do we! Feel free to share a link to your in the comments!

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