Twitter Just Made It Easier To Find Strangers’ Videos On Periscope

Twitter Just Made It Easier To Find Strangers’ Videos On Periscope

Periscope, the Twitter-owned mobile app that allows users to stream live video from their phones to the Internet, is releasing an iOS update today that makes it easier to find videos from around the world. The app will now include an interactive world map that displays the locations of available live feeds.

“This new visual approach to search is Periscope’s next step in delivering the teleportation experience that originally inspired the idea for the company,” said Twitter spokeswoman Lauren Jones.

Live broadcasts appear over the world map as tappable red pin icons. It has always been easy to find live videos from people you know—Periscope connects to the Twitter social graph, so it can send you an alert when someone in your network is live—but finding streams from strangers has been difficult. Previously, live feeds from around the world appeared as a list of thumbnails and titles.

The iOS update today also adds the option to tweet a link to any Periscope broadcast, making it easier to share videos you are watching.

Last week, Twitter released Periscope for Android, three months after the app debuted on iOS. Live mobile video is an increasingly popular space, and Periscope competes with Meerkat, Hang w/, and a few other live-streaming mobile apps.

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