Twitter and Video: A New Marketing Romance

Twitter and Video: A New Marketing Romance



Further than 140 characters! Twitter has just released a new video feature. Together, with the great results of a new survey, they reveal that (as some social media experts already noticed) the microblogging site is steadily turning to video content, mining the supremacy of traditional text-and-image tweets and making things easier for video ads and explainer video marketing.

The Twitter Developers’ site has released several video facts from last year and that’s how we know that tweeters’ share about 50 video tweets per second. More recently, things just got a bit more awesome for video marketing; one of their recent surveys revealed that today, video content generates better engagement and views on Twitter than ever before and that’s nothing but great news for online businesses who want to expand their social reach!

This entire tweet-buzz comes with a great announcement; there’s a new Twitter feature called Promoted Video that aims for online brands who want to upload and distribute their content through the social network in video form. The feature (which is actually a branch from the Twitter Amplify rich-media program) offers you the ability to embed a video player (similar to Twitter cards) which replace average video tweets on your timeline.
The new service also allows you to measure your posted videos’ performance with a cost-per-view system, which means that you only have to pay for users who actually watch your videos. This way, online companies won’t have to keep their fingers crossed for people to share their video ads and animated explainer videos anymore. From now on, they can easily promote their video content on Twitter and then easily check the results.

Let’s be clear, this online video boom didn’t start with Twitter, it began years ago when companies started to turn their efforts towards video content because they understood its true marketing value. Today, the great news is that Twitter joins the gang! Up to this date, Twitter users saw a link to a video instead of an image preview in their timelines and they had to click it several times to play it. Now, our beloved social media platform made it all easier to boost the performance of any of your video ads, animated explainer videos and product presentations. As a recent article on Tech Crunch wisely points, this new move towards video content “comes a time when Twitter wants to show advertisers that the network can reach a larger audience”; in other words, they want to show marketers that promoting videos on Twitter is a fresh, cost-effective investment for any marketing strategy. So what are we waiting for?
Today, with Twitter’s tailwind, I believe it’s time to give your social campaigns a little push! If you want some awesome advice on when and where the best online spots to place your explainer videos are, check Yum Yum Videos’ latest eBook, which offers the greatest data and tips on video marketing strategies.

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