Twitter’s New Video Ad Strategy

Twitter’s New Video Ad Strategy

Twitter has started the new video services on its platform for its users. The video is becoming more and more powerful with the integration of the video content and the development of the various features that are related to the video taking the media to the next step in this digital world. Marketers are voting for the video marketing all the time by following the latest trends in the video. All social platforms were become as a platform for video marketing. The organizing of the content was undergoing several changes on social platforms time to time and likewise on Twitter platform too.

Twitter announced a new organized content on its social network where the publishers can post their video to Twitter and the platform will attach a pre-roll video as in front of the video clips. The theory was just similar to the YouTube pre roll ads. The Twitter’s pre-roll ads split the revenue with the creators of the video. The platform was planning to get advertisers to buy the promoted Tweet units on its platform.

Though Twitter has designed the pre roll ads just like the YouTube, it does not have that much content like YouTube does. So, the Twitter platform was going to generate more content by encouraging the publishers and content owners on its platform by providing them some attractive terms where they can get benefited. Google was keeping some 45 percent ad revenue, twitter challenged by taking 30 percent of revenue only.

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