Two Tribes: TV and online


The discussion around the “convergence” of TV and online is profound.

Typically when we speak to “TV people” their goal is to make online video more like TV. And when we speak to “online people” they abhor all efforts to dumb down the measurement and execution of the digital medium to the level of TV.

Now depending on what camp you are in, you may agree wholeheartedly with one over the other. But there appears to be a happy medium that can serve the greater good in helping lay waste to the barriers between TV and online video.

The first fundamental truth that needs to be recognised by rival camps is that the consumer has forever changed and the market will have to follow suit. And the second fundamental truth is that the notion of TV itself has been redefined over the last 12 months.

Audiences are no longer fastened to their couches to consume video content. They are mobile and watching across a variety of devices. The good news is that they’re watching – and at higher levels than ever. The bad news is that it creates a challenge from a planning and buying perspective to keep track of these viewers to effectively advertise brands to this nomadic video generation. And in most agencies this execution responsibility spans departments with inconsistent and competing goals.

But through new cross measurement research through Nielsen’s OCR/XCR and comScore’s vCE we can now begin to identify multiple exposures vs. light television viewers, and leverage online video to drive incremental and overall reach for video campaigns with one singular currency. This is the first bridge to help align the “TV people” with the “online people”.

And while this appears to be a win for the “TV people” since the GRP becomes the short term currency across both linear and online video, the KPI’s available across online don’t simply go away.  In fact, when leveraging the best of interactive video, the performance metrics you can measure literally explode. Now you can add social engagement, brand interactivity, store locators, in addition to things like completion rates. In this case the “online people” can showcase insights beyond reach and frequency.

Like Nielsen and comScore we’re very focused on working with players within the ecosystem to serve as a bridge between traditional and online video. We have tools to help align agencies and brands around this difficult transition into a converged video world – one that’s going to require collaboration and expertise from both TV and online “people”.


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