UK Content Consumers Awash in Options

UK Content Consumers Awash in Options



To store, stream or stick with traditional content delivery  methods?

Traditional methods of delivering media content, such as broadcast TV,  terrestrial radio, and the sale of CDs and console games, are well-entrenched in  the UK market. But consumer acceptance of receiving content in other ways has  grown as well.

UK residents can now choose to stream media content from a hosted server or  to purchase and then store that content, either locally or in the cloud, for  consumption whenever—and often wherever—they want. In essence, consumers are  beginning to demand the facility to curate their own content consumption  experience to a much finer degree than ever before. Their experience is  increasingly cross-platform, a facility enabled by internet-based delivery  methods.

While people are often happy to stick with traditional forms of content  delivery, there is a growing hunger, particularly among younger demographics,  for digital forms of delivery and storage. Moreover, content delivery is no  longer tethered to fixed devices in a particular location. Super-fast 3G—and now  4G—mobile internet connections are adding to the potential to deliver seamless  streamed content and anywhere access to content from the cloud.


In terms of TV content, the UK is one of the world’s most developed markets  for streaming services. Paced by the BBC’s iPlayer service, most of the major TV  broadcasters and pay TV service providers (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky)  now offer a catch-up service. And demand is booming. Monthly iPlayer TV requests  hit 200 million or more in both January and March 2013, up from 142 million in  March 2012.


For audio content, download-and-store is popular—and a moneymaker—but  streaming is gaining ground and offers more opportunities for marketers. And  gaming is going mobile, with local storage the preferred method of  delivery.


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