The Ultimate Countdown: 10 Best Video Marketing Examples of 2014

The Ultimate Countdown: 10 Best Video Marketing Examples of 2014

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The use of video in content marketing continued to climb this past year … and for good reason: most marketers say that video is more effective at producing conversions than any other medium.

So with 2014 coming to a close, we collected our favorite video marketing from throughout the year and ranked the top 10. From spoofs of sitcoms to philanthropic documentaries; awe-inspiring footage to real-time interactivity, this year’s marketers did it all. So sit back, relax…no wait, take notes! This is the best of the best in both B2B and B2C footage – you’re going to want to learn from these guys.

The countdown starts …

… now.

10. Best B2B Series: AT&T’s “Frank & Charlie”

AT&T went all out in this entertaining series of a veteran network technician and his rookie counterpart. They even went to the extent of the 80’s sitcom intro and final rolling credits!

9. Best Vine Videos: GE’s “6 Second Science”

Short, engaging and informative. You can’t ask for much more in a great social video! Below is the summary video, or you can watch them here.

8. Best Use of Video on Page: Taulia’s “Taulia is Easy”

Video that’s outside of the box … literally. Taulia used background footage of a kid peaking around the corner at you, working on his computer, and struggling to lick paper envelopes with the tag line “being a kid is hard, Taulia is easy”. These background videos encourage you to browse the microsite, watch more videos, and learn why Taulia is as easy as this kid says.

View it here.

7. Best Play on Pop Culture: Hootsuite’s “Game of Social Thrones”

How do you make sure your marketing is relevant and catches the attention of the crowd? Join in on one of the biggest pop culture events of the year: the release of the 4th season of the Game of Thrones, Hootsuite style.

6. Best Guerilla Marketing with Video: TD’s “TD Thanks You”

Gifting your customers in unusual ways has a pretty big impact – we saw that with WestJet’s Christmas miracle video in 2013. TD took their own spin this year and magnified the reaction of the few customers who were thanked so graciously by capturing it on video.

5. Best Short Documentary: Intel’s “Look Inside”

Tell the story of how you’re doing more with your products. Like how Intel built the first 3D printing lab in Sudan and taught local medical staff to print and affix their own prosthetics. Breathtaking.

4. Best Storytelling: Purina Friskies’ “Dear Kitten”

We’ve heard it over and over: stories are easy to consume and share and can have a pretty remarkable impact on marketing success. And we’re not sure we’ll ever find a better storyteller than this cat.

3. Best Product Repositioning: Ikea’s “Book book”

You might think Ikea’s on to something pretty revolutionary. And, well, they are … just more so in their marketing than their product catalogue.

2. Best Feature Demo: Volvo Trucks’ “Epic Split”

Is there really a better way to showcase the precision steering of Volvo’s trucks than have Jean-Claude Van Damme do the splits between two 18-wheelers moving at 20 mph (approximately) while Enya plays in the background? Yah, we didn’t think so.

1. Best Interactive Video: Honda’s “The Other Side”

Epic splits and fuzzy kitten stories are one thing. But a video that’s completely responsive and interactive is definitely one for the books. Check out how Honda pushes all the boundaries with this one. Take a sneak peak with the trailer below:

Visit the interactive video on Honda’s site here and get that “R” key ready!

Did we forget any? What video marketing do you think should’ve made the top 10 list of 2014? Share with us in the comments!

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