Unconventional video and how to stand out

Unconventional video and how to stand out

Hearing the words ‘unconventional video’ can be frightening, but they shouldn’t be. It simply means any kind of video that is highly-creative, stands out and takes the audience beyond passive viewing, creating the feeling of a first-hand experience. There are many different kinds, and they can be hugely successful online, often going viral and creating enormous awareness and publicity for a brand.  This creates an opportunity to take an event or occasion and share the atmosphere and emotion with a much wider audience – perfectly set-up to be shared again and again.
The shareability of this type of video campaign is one of the major reasons for it’s success and importance. The majority of YouTube video shares happen through Facebook, with 42% of shares happening within the first 3 days, showing how important it is to create attention-grabbing and engaging content. Of these, the most viewed and shared ads are ones that deliver an experience, something that goes beyond a simple call-to-action. Overall, online video shares have increased 63x in the past decade, making it a must-have for any marketing tool-kit.
This type of experimental video content has pushed to directly engage consumers, and put grabbing attention at the heart of advertising. Here, content moves far beyond it’s shareability. A well thought out video campaign can also be a strong conduit for a brand’s voice and ethos, adding a personalised edge that goes beyond sales figures and can be part of taking a company to the next level.
How Brands and Charities are Using Technology in Video
There are countless examples out there of agencies, brands and charities who have pushed the boundaries when it comes to experiential video. Here is a small selection of our favourites:
TNT – Push to Add Drama:

Global agency Duval Guillaume raised the bar for stunts in 2012 with this advertising campaign for TNT in a quiet Belgian town square. An inviting big red button was placed in the centre of the square, and when pushed delivered ambulances, fist fights and gunshots for a ‘Daily Dose of Drama’.
Business in the Community – Ban the Box:

Leo Burnett Change, an activism division of the agency’s London office, put viewers front and centre of the challenges ex-convicts face in job interviews with a highly imaginative campaign that mimicked YouTube’s ‘skip ad’ feature.
Created for the non-profit Business in the Community, we are initially confronted with an awkward interviewee as if we are the hiring manager. Each time the skip button is pressed, the candidate becomes more depressed and desperate, eventually giving up and resigning himself to his fate – an innovative campaign that creates a genuine lasting impression. Have a look at the video here.
Old Spice Guy Responds to Tweets

Way back in 2010, Old Spice took the internet by storm with their Old Spice Guy advertising campaign. Launching off the success of their hugely popular The Man Your Man Could Smell Like advert (currently at over 51 million YouTube views), the brand stepped it up with the help of marketing agency Wieden & Kennedy with one of the most creative social media campaigns ever.
Filmed in actor Isaiah Mustafa’s own bathroom, Old Spice Guy responded to Twitter user’s questions directly, in short, amusing and highly-shareable video clips, which took the internet by storm.
YouTube Leads the Way with 360
There was a major development for online video earlier this year when YouTube pushed content creators the world over to start stepping up their experiential game, as they released support and integration for 360-degree video. Now, the viewer can be put right at the heart of the action in any video.

The videos are available to anyone using Google Chrome, or the YouTube app on their Android or iOS device, as well as recently being made available natively on Facebook. Now you can immerse your viewers directly into the video – letting them see the stage and the crowd at a concert, or letting them see the whole vista during a wingsuit glide – allowing them to direct their own story depending on where they look.
At first the videos were a little messy, with the quality being quite low, but over the last few months we’ve seen some great examples.
As this technology evolves we’re looking forward to see even more creative content emerge. Have a think about how this type of experimental use of video can help your brand, or get in touch for some advise on how we could help develop your video marketing plan.


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