Unruly Launches Custom Audiences To Improve Video Ad Targeting

Unruly Launches Custom Audiences To Improve Video Ad Targeting

Unruly has announced a new video ad targeting product called Unruly Custom Audiences. The idea is to help video advertisers find audiences that are likely to emotionally engage with a specific ad.

Custom Audiences relies on data from ShareRank, Unruly’s predictive algorithm based on 1.3 trillion tracked video views and more than 250,000 consumer data points. With that data, ads can be shown to consumers that are most likely to have an emotional connection to a video ad.

In the company’s news release, Unruly CEO Scott Button says:

“Consumers who are more emotionally engaged with a branded video are more likely to share the video, more likely to remember the brand, and more likely to buy the product. For marketers, this means more engagement, more earned media and, ultimately, more sales. Digital marketers recognize that even the highest quality content needs to be paired with a repeatable, scalable distribution strategy and that’s why we’ve mapped our content evaluation dataset to our distribution platform – we’re helping advertisers to bridge the gap between the content stack and the tech stack.”

Unruly says that, in early testing, Custom Audiences are about 15 percent more likely to finish watching a video than an advertiser’s general target audience.


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