Using Chromecast to Stream Your Tablet on a TV Screen

Using Chromecast to Stream Your Tablet on a TV Screen

Google’s Chromecast app for Android provides onscreen controls for streaming video to the television. Credit The New York Times Fotografia de: The New York Times

Q. My seven-inch Android tablet is too small for viewing high-quality movies, so I’m looking for a simple and easy way to stream it to either a TV console or a PC monitor. I have a Chromecast, but do I need any other hardware or software to make it happen?

A. If you already have the Google Chromecast device — which makes it easy to stream movies and TV shows from the Google Play store, as well as video from YouTube and other sources — you do not need much more. Start by making sure the Chromecast and the Android device are on the same wireless network.

You can use Google’s free Chromecast app (available in the Google Play store) to manage your Chromecast hardware and stream video to the connected screen. Google provides its own instructions to set up the Chromecast, but basically you plug it into an available HDMI port on the television or PC monitor and then connect the Chromecast to an electrical outlet or USB port to power it. Using the TV’s remote control, switch the display input to the Chromecast’s HDMI port and follow the setup instructions.

Once the hardware is configured, go to the Chromecast app on the tablet, tap the menu icon in the top left corner and select Cast Screen/Audio. Once the app finds your Chromecast, the tablet’s display will appear on the bigger screen until you return to the Chromecast app menu and use the -Stop Casting command. Some video and photo apps may include a Chromecast icon in the controls, which you can use as a shortcut for streaming.

The latest few versions of Android can also mirror the tablet’s screen on a compatible TV or computer monitor using Miracast technology, which is similar to the Apple AirPlay system. Some Roku set-top boxes support Miracast, as do Amazon’s Fire TV and add-ons like the $60 Microsoft wireless display adapter.

To mirror the tablet’s video on a bigger screen this way after you have configured your streaming hardware, swipe down from the top of the Android screen to open the Quick Settings box, and tap the Cast Screen icon. Select a Miracast or Chromecast-enabled screen from the list of available devices to start mirroring the tablet’s display on the TV or monitor.

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