Using Twitter To Promote Videos

So we all know how effective a video can be when promoting your business. Most people are short on time and don’t want to read or research about new brands and businesses. A video can be short and simple while explaining your service to a consumer. However, with so many promotions being aimed at consumers, how can you make your videos stand out from the crowd? The number of marketing a person sees in a day is high up in the thousand, this means, the attention span they have for each advertisement is small. To make sure your video is being seen you must catch their attention within the first few seconds.

Humour is one of the best tools when wanting to catch someone’s attention. Everyone is happy for  a few laughs and funny videos are also the most commonly shared on social media. Examples of videos marketing success is the ice bucket challenge. Although it is covering a serious matter, the humour of the amateur home videos has gone viral on social media.

Social media is often underestimated by businesses when forming their marketing strategy. However as seen time and time again it has the potential of reaching more people than any video advertisement people are forced to watch. It’s power is that it is shared among friends and within social networks. As people we automatically trust something that has been shared by an acquaintance rather then something that is forced upon us. Videos shared through social media has more chances of being viewed as it seems more natural and organic.

Most people know that videos can be shared on Facebook. It is common to scroll down your newsfeed and see countless videos. But what about Twitter? Known for it’s 140 characters limit, people often forget that you can also post photos and videos. Being one of the largest social media sites, Twitter, should not be overlooked for its potential to communicate with people.

There are many options to share videos on Twitter. It is fully integrated with sites like Youtube and Vimeo and sharing your videos is simple. It automatically shortens links to allow users space to leave a comment or a personal message.

Another easy option to share videos with Twitter is through your Vine account. Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has paired up with Vine to make video sharing simple. Vine allows users to make videos up to 6 seconds long. This is a great tool for video marketing as users know that the videos are short. It is much easier to get someone to press the play button when they know that the maximum amount of time they have to invest is 6 seconds.

Like any other social media platforms the purpose of using Twitter to promote your video is to be seen. Using simple strategies like giveaways and competitions will help encourage your followers to share and retweet you video promotions. Some businesses buy a small amount of retweets when they first post a video to make it seem more popular. Although there is not much harm in this, do not rely solely on this trick as the bought retweets or follows are not real and won’t continue to share your video to new followers. Some of these sites will try to confuse people and say the bought followers or retweets are real, they are not, what they mean is that the account is real but it is not owned by a real person who will interact with you. As you continue to post interesting content your followers will grow organically and your tweets will be shared to more Twitter users.

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