Versatile Glider Options from MYT Works

While a dolly is great for adding movement to a shot, it isn’t always practical or possible to have one on location. With the increasing popularity of Compact HD cameras and HDSLRs, the industry has responded with innovative products to help you achieve that “big-budget” look with independent means. The slider (or glider) is a simple concept, allowing you to add movements to your shots with a small, low-key track and camera platform.

We’re often asked about sliders, and while there are several good products out on the market, we’re happy to be able to offer the great line-up of gliders and skaters from MYT Works. Available in various sizes and designed to accommodate cameras ranging from HDSLRs or the Panasonic AG-AF100 to a fully equipped cinema camera like the ARRI ALEXA, the MYT Works system is a truly unique product and a great addition to any camera kit.

Watch my video above as I describe several of the key features of the MYT Glide, MYT Skate, and the combined MYT Works 3-in-1 Dolly System.

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