Video Ad Marketers Using Cross-Screen And Advanced Targeting

Video Ad Marketers Using Cross-Screen And Advanced Targeting

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According to an analysis of the Videology Group report Fourth Quarter U.S. Video Market At-A-Glance, 94% of U.S. advertisers ran video campaigns with some form of advanced ad targeting, using data to reach intended consumers based on attributes beyond age and gender demographics, such as by their behavioral or purchase patterns, a 38% increase in the use of this targeting year-over-year,

The use of advanced targeting in the U.S is supported by another recently released Videology study that shows advanced targeting improved viewability rankings significantly compared to those targeted by demographics only.

The most recent report shows that 51% of advertisers ran their campaigns on more than one screen (e.g., PC and mobile) in Q4 2014, compared to just 17% in Q1 2014. Specifically, 39% of all Q4 2014 campaigns ran on PC, mobile and connected TV simultaneously, compared to just 6% in Q1 2014.

Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of Videology, says “…most recent analysis… on a trending basis… (shows) the impact that consumer convergence is having on marketing strategies… majority of video campaigns… now running on more than one screen…”

Other key findings from the study include:

  • 94% of video campaigns were bought in a guaranteed, TV-like fashion (as opposed to RTB), up from 91% in Q3
  • 41% of all video campaigns ran on a connected TV in Q4, compared to just 7% to begin the year in Q1
  • Auto advertisers made up the majority of impressions on the Videology platform (19%), taking from CPG (15%), whose decrease in share of CPG ads comes as a result of a growth in the diversification of ad categories.

As a result of the rise in cross-device efforts, marketers were increasing their cross-screen analysis capabilities. Among respondents using advanced measurement, 13% of digital video advertisers said they used cross-screen metrics in Q4 2014, up from just 4% in Q1 2014. This growth is close to the rise in cross-device impressions during the same period.

And, according to a report from eMarketer, the number of US digital video viewers is projected to hit 204.2 million this year, representing 78.6% of internet users, or 63.5% of the country’s population.

The majority of digital video viewers will watch on their mobile phones, says the eMarketer report, with video viewer penetration among mobile phone users expected to reach 41.5% in the US this year, or one-third of the population. And among tablet users, their forecast is that 100.5 million will view digital video, representing nearly half of digital video viewers, 63.3% of tablet users and 31.3% of the population.

For more information from Videology, please visit here.

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