How Video Can Personalize The Social Selling Cycle

How  Video Can Personalize The Social Selling Cycle

Michael Litt – Guest Author    |   Dec 30, 2013 @ 10:56am   |
How Video Can Personalize The Social Selling Cycle

Today’s enabled customer not only prefers to go through nearly 70% of the buying process before engaging  with a salesperson, but they can smell a sales pitch from a mile away too.  Because the sales process is transforming, your best bet as a marketer is to get  to know your buyers, help them find rich information in the independent research  phase, and look to where you can personalize their experience. This  personalization of the sales process is also known as social selling, and video  assets can be used as your key tool to engage.

Use Video As A Sales Tool To Create A Connection

While selling used to be a one-size-fits-all deal where the company called  the shots and the stages of the funnel, now potential buyers are determining  what their own funnel looks like and the rules of engagement. Customers want to  engage with companies they trust, and video can create a connection to humanize  the whole process. Instead of pushing a product, you can demonstrate your  willingness to meet a client’s needs and help them find a solution that really  works for their unique situation. Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist at  Oracle shares amazing advice on the topic and insists that as a sales or marketing  professional it’s your job to become an information concierge. In other words, you’ve got to curate information-rich resources to initially attract  buyers, and you’ve got to become part of your buyer’s sphere of  influence. So how do you do this with video?

Create Videos Tailored to Individual Prospects

The first part of social selling is all about getting to know your buyer  really well. If you discover after a bit of social networking research, for  example, that your prospect David in New York mentions football a lot in his  tweets, create a personalized video message in which you chat a bit about the  upcoming Super Bowl, and invite him for a call or a webinar of use to him. Maybe  you could get your team involved in a short video in which someone does an  impression of his favorite player?

Video is an aspect of your marketing you can use to delight prospects, and  going above and beyond in this area can showcase you’ll go the extra mile in  every part of your service. Moreover, video is the only medium that’s the  next best thing to selling in person. An engaging piece of video content can  help you establish a very personal connection, and can help you stand out from  your competitors.

At Vidyard, we’ve adopted this practice and we send out personalized  thank-you videos from the team to partners and clients. Calling out  specific people who helped us make big things happen, we’ve had a great response  to the videos that actually take very little time to create. Because almost  everyone has a 1080p device in their pocket, creating something quick and  personal to share is actually easier than you’d think.

Create Customer Testimonials

Beyond getting to know your buyers and establishing that you are willing to  delight them with a personalized experience, social selling is also about your buyer’s sphere of influence. To become part of your buyer’s  world, it’s best to partner up with their peers or those they already trust. For  example, you can create a video testimonial from a company your buyer already  identifies with. Showcasing how this model company uses your solution for very  similar needs, you immediately demonstrate a competence (in that you appeal to  the right pain points for your buyer’s industry), and you build a rapport with  the buyer in that they identify with the company or industry you’re showcasing.

Share Relevant Videos Socially

Your customers love videos, and as a social seller your job is to  share useful information with your network on multiple channels. As  Chairman at Quarry Integrated Communications, Alan Quarry, insists – video and social go together like  peanut butter and jelly. This is because videos are especially shareable (and  digestible) pieces of content. You can make sure you’re always connected to  prospects by sharing relevant videos either through Twitter and Facebook (where  you’ll gain a visible presence in their newsfeed), or through Salesforce where  you can now share  videos in Salesforce Chatter or through emails directly from your Salesforce  interface. What’s more is that once you connect your videos with your CRM,  you’ll be able to use partner tools to see exactly how much of your videos your  prospects actually watch. This ultimately gives you incredible context for  social interaction with leads and helps you qualify their interest throughout  the process.

On a whole, videos can definitely help you to stop pitching and start  engaging if you use them in a targeted, personalized, and genuine way.  So start getting to know your prospects and deliver something they’ll appreciate  and remember; you’ll build meaningful connections and loyal brand  advocates.

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