Video Carousels & Brand Awareness Bidding Highlight A Slew Of Facebook Ad Additions

Video Carousels & Brand Awareness Bidding Highlight A Slew Of Facebook Ad Additions

It’s Advertising Week in New York City and Facebook was prepared. The social giant has unleashed a handful of new advertising options hoping to woo advertisers and their pocketbooks. A slew of new features were announced that cover a wide gamut including mobile, general bidding and buying options.

Video Carousel Ads

Facebook’s carousel ads have been a favorite for advertisers looking to display more product or features and today video will also be an option for carousel ads. This new medium will also for advertisers to either show deeper dives on products or team up to show different messages. For example a Car manufacturer can display both national spots as well as local ads all in one ad unit.

Brand Awareness Optimization

Sometimes advertisers are looking for instant impact and direct response. Other times they are just looking for that top of mind branding presence. Facebook has created new ad bidding type for the latter called Brand Awareness Bidding. The goal of this is to allow marketers to hit the correct attention and reach in order to recall a brand and the messaging. So instead of buying clicks or on a CPM basis, this type of bidding is attempting to buy mindshare and recall on a brand.

This type of bidding will be released on a limited basis in October with full availability in the coming months.

Mobile Polling Improvements

Just in time for Twitter Native polling , Facebook is enhancing their mobile polling thanks to an Insights integration with Millward Brown Digital. The partnership will help gather data across both Facebook and Instagram.

TRP Buying

One of the biggest elements launched that should help to capture more traditional budgets is Total Rating Point (TRP) Buying. A staple in traditional TV buying, TRP will help Facebook video ads be purchased in a similar format as TV and essentially extend their reach in the process. In a sample size of 42 campaigns, a TV + TRP Facebook Video campaign saw a 19% increase in targeted reach than TV alone.

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