Video: Heineken ad just showed Pepsi how you talk about politics

Video: Heineken ad just showed Pepsi how you talk about politics

Take that, Pepsi

A new advertisement by Heineken, posted on its YouTube page, directly addresses some hot-button political issues by showing people with opposite views getting to understand each other during conversations that lead to hoisting a beer (guess which brand?) with each other.

USA Today says the ad has drawn more than 1.5 million views since being posted Wednesday.

Business news site FastCompany notes that the ad, titled “Worlds Apart,” is widely seen as a rebuttal to the recent disastrous Pepsi ad that was mocked and derided for putting such issues as relate relations and police brutality in a superficial light. The ad, starring Kendall Jenner, features a vague protest full of attractive young people avoiding trouble with police with Jenner offers an officer a Pepsi. The soft drink company quickly pulled the ad.

The Heineken ad, by contrast, features ordinary-looking people with opposite views on such issues as climate change, feminism and LGBT rights holding meaty, rational discussions with each other and getting to know and respect each other while working on a mysterious project that results in a bar and bar stools being built. In the end, each is given the choice to have a beer with their opposite and — surprise! — they elect to do so.The response on social media has largely been positive.

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