Why Video Marketing is an Absolute Necessity

Why Video Marketing is an Absolute Necessity

John Scaletta, my good friend and co-founder of Motion Source, used to run a very successful slide imaging company in Chicago. One

of my favorite stories of his revolves around the early days of email (if you can imagine such a time!). He fondly recounts an employee who stressed the importance of the company adopting email. John didn’t see the point: it was just a weird fad. Finally, John caved. Then the employee began to advocate unique email addresses for every member of the company. John’s response: “Why the hell would we need that?”


Of course nowadays John is as attached to his email as much as he is to his trusty 14 year old Jack Russel, Spirit. And just as email is an unquestionable necessity for businesses, so has video become. Now, you may be among those who still consider video an untested marketing and outreach medium or, even worse, a mere fad.

The truth of the matter is that the verdict is out: video is here to stay, and it is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your marketing and engagement toolbox.


Internet Retailer, a premier resource in the e-commerce sphere, reports that “52% of consumers who watch product videos say those videos make them more confident about purchases.”

What does this mean? It means more sales, plain and simple.

I have had countless experiences where video was the deciding factor in my purchase. For instance, once we were producing a commercial that required that we transform a 10-year-old into an old man. We had no idea how to do this without hiring an exceptionally talented and exorbitantly expensive prosthetics artist. But then, we came across a particular mask online. It looked great, and the description touted its realism, but would it do the trick? We watched the video, and, low and behold the mouth of the mask moved in tandem with the speaker’s mouth! Seeing how the product would actually work for us–would solve our particular problem–we were sold.


Moz, a leader in the realm of Search Engine Optimization, affirms that blog posts containing video pull in triple the inbound links of posts without video.

It is common knowledge in the world of internet marketing that authoring blog posts that are relevant to your audience’s interests, and provide them with quality information, is a surefire way to increase exposure and ratchet your search engine listings above your competitors. Why? Because rich content of this sort is linked to and shared–it is valuable.

Now, if you tie video into your posts you are going to conceivably attract 3 times as many links to your website. This is huge, as quality links pointing back to your site is one of the main factors that Google uses to determine your site’s ranking amongst all of your competitors. Embedding video within these posts could be just what you need to squeeze out that extra link juice, and put you at the head of the pack.


According to BrightCove, a hosting platform used by the likes of The NY Times, GM and Macy’s; “now a full 7 in 10 B2B marketers create and distribute original videos online.”

This, my friends, means that the majority has already jumped on the bandwagon, particularly within the B2B sphere. And, this fact on its own should be enough to convince you that the idea of video marketing being a fad is simply misguided.

Businesses of all types and sizes are utilizing the power of video to market to their audience. They get it. They get that people want to see video. They get that video is amazingly effective at communicating information, and has an emotional component second to no other medium.

One of the most common misconceptions that I encounter when it comes to video marketing is that companies assume it can only serve a single purpose; and that purpose is generally considered selling a product. Video is certainly extremely well suited to doing just that, but it also serves a host of other goals like humanizing a corporation, educating an entire customer base, and increases trust in your enterprise.


According to Social Times “Having a video on the landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search.”

Wow, that’s powerful!

When Google released its Universal Search we began to see news, images, reviews, and video pop up on the search results page. This form of search, which we have all grown accustomed to, has allowed many businesses to find their way higher up the search engine result pages.

Think of it this way, even though large quantities of businesses are adopting video, there are still those in your market who haven’t. Now, while every single one of your competitors has a webpage, only a portion have video content; and, even less have properly optimized video content. This means that you’re competing for placement among a much smaller group with video, than with your website.

Additionally, Google absolutely adores video. Remember, they bought the 2nd largest search engine on the planet: YouTube. With this in mind, it is easy to assume that Google has a vested interest in web video, as well as its delivery as a search result for searchers.


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