Video Marketing: How Jeffrey Harmon Is Turning Poop Into Glittering Gold

Video Marketing: How Jeffrey Harmon Is Turning Poop Into Glittering Gold

In the online video and internet marketing industries, Jeffrey Harmon’s backstory is legendary. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Orabrush, Inc., he was the primary architect of the YouTube marketing strategy that made Orabrush a global online sensation as the world’s best tongue cleaner. Over the past three years, I’ve told and retold the Orabrush story in a series of articles for Search Engine Watch and columns for ReelSEO, including:

But, Harmon told his own backstory better than I ever could in “Orabrush the Movie—Official Trailer.”

And now Harmon’s new mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. He left Orabrush a month ago and has teamed up with Poo~Pourri Toilet Deodorizers. Or, as he explained in a tweet last week, he’s “moving from tongue gunk to poop.” Hey, who knew that was a career path? But, to see what he means, check out his latest YouTube video: “Girls Don’t Poop –”

Yes, the cute British girl, who pitches the product on the toilet, says, “You would not believe the mother load (sic) I just dropped… and that’s how I like to keep it.” And, yes, Poo~Pourri is a real product.

And, it goes without saying that Harmon is taking potty humor to a whole new level in his latest video about the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, which claims to be a “scientifically proven” way to trap embarrassing bathroom odors at the source. In fact, BuzzFeed called the Poo~Pourri YouTube video “The Most Epic Sh*t-Related Ad Ever.” Since being published on Sept. 10, 2013, the video has gone viral, generating more than 3 million views on YouTube; over 231,800 shares on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs; and thousands of sales in less than a week. Holy crap, right?

Poo~Pourri teamed up with Jeffrey Harmon and his brother, Daniel, as well as writer/director Joel Ackerman to produce the video. This is the same team that created the Orabrush tongue cleaner marketing campaign that resulted in over 40 million YouTube views and millions of dollars in sales.

The Poo Crew traveled to Utah to hook up with the Harmon team and (in less than 3 weeks) wrote, produced, tested, and launched their now viral video, which was initially titled, “The Secret to Odorless Pooping in Public.” The potty-humor-on-steroids video explains the ingenious technology behind the relationship-saving Poo~Pourri. The Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is made of a “top secret” blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that—when sprayed into the toilet bowl—create a barrier on the surface of the water that keeps stink in its porcelain prison and out of your sensitive nostrils.

The video’s star, Bethany Woodruff, delivers every line with British flare while sitting on—you guessed it—a toilet. Woodruff, who is actually from Scotland, and currently a BYU student, endured two leg-numbing days on the throne while shooting in six different locations, from sitting in actual cow crap, to freezing in an 8,000-foot elevation mountain meadow at 5 o’clock in the morning. “I usually like to have a book or magazine with me when I go,” says Woodruff, “but a teleprompter with a hilarious script functions quite nicely, too.”

Poo~Pourri owner and creator, Suzy Batiz, said sharing the bathroom with her husband and two sons was the inspiration behind the product. “It came down to either the stench goes or I go,” quips Batiz, “and in the end, I felt leaving my husband and children was an irresponsible decision.” With her background in essential oils, Batiz devoted about a year developing and testing the perfect formula that “actually stops stench in its tracks,” she claims. “My husband was the perfect guinea-pig,” she admits.

The effectiveness of the product is what enticed the Harmon brothers and Ackerman to work on the campaign. “Ever since I got Poo~Pourri I can now leave the bathroom door open to have a conversation with my wife, while I get my business done, and I don’t have to worry about killing her,” says Jeffrey Harmon, who is leading the marketing campaign. “This product has really given our marriage extra quality time,” he adds. “My poop is only one of a handful of people’s that can be smelled from space,” jokes Ackerman, writer and director of the video. “So when it worked for me, I knew we had a winner,” he concludes.

Bathroom odors are now a thing of the past for those who’ve discovered Poo~Pourri. Since its introduction in 2007, Poo~Pourri has sold over 4 million bottles and received a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. (That’s a better Amazon rating than the iPhone 5!) The company is so confident in its effectiveness that it offers an “Unconditional, Stink-Free Guarantee.”

Video Marketing Lessons From “Girls Don’t Poop”

So, what lessons can internet marketers and video content producers learn from “Girls Don’t Poop –”

* First, the content is unique, compelling, entertaining and informative. It is also authentic. This video was shot without green screens on location. Director of Photography, Tel Stewart, used a 5D Mark 3 shooting RAW. And Woodruff, the PooPourri Girl, was on the toilet for two solid days of shooting! And, yes, those cows were really licking her.

* Second, the content hooks viewers in the first 15 seconds, and keeps them watching throughout the 2 minute, 16-second long video.

* Third, the content includes a specific call-to-action near the end of the video through an annotation that directs viewers to visit

* Fourth, the metadata is optimized. The title is compelling and includes a phrase that gets 390 average monthly searches. The description is 549 words or 3,756 characters long and includes lots of keywords.

* Fifth, the thumbnail is optimized. It is a strong, vibrant image that pops no matter what size it is.

* Sixth, the Harmon brothers have used social media. According to the Mashable Global Ads Chart, “Girls Don’t Poop –” had been shared 220,803 times on Facebook and 3,155 times on Twitter as of yesterday. And lord knows how many times the video was shared on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media.

* Seventh, the Harmon brothers have also used blog outreach. I got an email from Jeffrey on Thursday, Sept. 12, with a link to “Girls Don’t Poop –” and a short note that said, “I’ve moved on from Orabrush.” He had me at “Girls Don’t Poop.”

In short, Jeffrey Harmon knows what he’s doing and now he’s boldly going where no man has gone before. He’s “moving from tongue gunk to poop.” And I expect he will hit the mother lode once again.

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