Video Marketing Is Easier Than You Think – Just Do It

by Louisa YS Chan on May 16, 2013

Video Marketing And You

YouTube1 Video Marketing Is Easier Than You Think   Just Do It

YouTube Video Marketing

In a earlier post I showed you a case study of how a short video I made helped me rank high on both Google And YouTube.
It was not an expensive project. And it’s something that you too can do.
If you don’t have deep pockets for paid advertisement and you need a new stream of prospects coming to your office or sutio, then an optimized video is an arsenal you don’t want to ignore.


Video Marketing And You
Besides providing you with the 7 benefits I wrote about here, videos can help you build your expertise as you show, explain, demonstrate and present your ideas and messages. And it helps bridege the gap between your prospects and you as they see You in Action; not your assistance, nor your ghost writer.
Before you get all stressed out, here are some considerations for you. Making videos does not have to be difficult.
So What Kinds Of Videos Should I Make For My Marketing?

  • Videos do not have to be long
  • Videos do not have to be fancy (you don’t need to hire a team of videographers to shoot you)
  • Videos do not have to have you in (although highly recommended)
  • Videos do not be expensive to make
  • Videos do not have to go viral and hit a million views for you to beneift from it

The kinds of video you will make depends on the purpose you have for your video. If you want to brand yourself, you will want to appear in the video. If you want to teach or demonstrate something you will show the process using props, models or screen cast.
So What Kind Of Videos Should You Make?
I think every tought leader, professional, teachers, trainer, coach should make a video that tells others about who they are, what they do and how they can help you. A simple smart phone will help you do it. 60 sec is all it takes to deliver your elevator pitch. You don’t have to be perfect,  you just have to do it.
Then if you want the video to rank you will want to optimize it somewhat. If that is sounding like Greek, don’t worry. There are many people who will be able to do that for you.
But YOU have to take the action to shoot your video. Your video does not have to be perfect (I am not advocating that you not think through it) but I am encouraging you not to over think it. A simple, genuine message can say a whole lot about your cause.
Here’s My Video – Watch It To The End And Leave A Comment

Give it some Likes and let me know what you think. I will be sharing more tips via video so if you don’t want to miss those tips you can subscribe to my channel here.


Original Video on YouTube Here.  What kind of video do you think this is?

What’s The Next Step?
Sit down and do your story board. Think about how you want to appear (your online avatar) and who you want to reach (your market) and deliever your message (which is the cause you are passionate about). The only reason others will hire your service is if they know that you can deliver them the solution and that you are credible. Video helps you accomplish both these.
If you found a handy tool that builds you authority, credibility and gives you SEO, will you make use of it? If you need any help getting this project done, just write in and we will help you set up your video marketing.

By Louisa YS Chan

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