Video marketing strategies

Video marketing strategies

You have a great product that you have worked hard to develop and you know it is innovative, exciting, original, and indispensable. If only you could spread the word about your unique brand to thousands, or even millions of potential customers.

Gone are the days of relying on one medium (especially a static one) to hopefully reach your target market. In an information-overloaded society with competing platforms on the web, you need to say, “look at me!”

The importance of a visually appealing video

Creating a visually stimulating video, packed with loads of information will boost SEO so it becomes the next big hit that suddenly goes viral. Check out this example below:

The beauty of this strategic video is that it is not only visually interesting and packed with information, but it also serves as an instructional video without coming across like a traditional training series.

There is something about animation that makes topics lighter, less intense, more engaging and so personal.

Animations talk ”to you” as opposed to “at you”. Having a variety of engaging videos and animation for your business is very strategic. Including some cartoon ads can add some variety to your library in your YouTube channel. Yes, that’s right, creating just one video is only the start. You need to build a suite of videos to help drive traffic.

Some examples of how to add video variety to your website:

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Add a homepage video
  • Add animated cartoons to each blog post
  • Add an explainer video to your site

Here is an example of the power of impactful, animated video marketing that simply just entertains throughout this short clip, as it explains marketing trends.

How to avoid traditional advertising

Traditional advertising has become boring, mundane and ordinary. In your quest for SEO optimization and maximum exposure, sounding too ordinary in your video will shut people out. As Seth Godin explains in this TED video about how to get your message out there, mundane messages will be ignored. Godin uses humor and lots of photos to keep his audience engaged in this video — keeping customers engaged is the first critical step to increasing sales and profit margins.

What product features or “how to” tips do you want to share with your audience? Which approach do you want to take?

Cartoon making with companies like PowToon will entice your audience, while removing the need for the middleman who may not fully understand your concept. With built-in tutorials and drag and drop design elements, you become the animator in seconds and you can quickly create your design with maximum results.

Dare to be different, but be different using strategic video marketing. Keep your audience entertained using PowToon animation. Try our free online software today!

Written by and Janis Raisen at PowToon.

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