Video Marketing Tips for Hotels and Hospitality

Video Marketing Tips for Hotels and Hospitality


When creating video content for your hotel, your mantra should be: “Show, don’t tell.”

Two things travelers look for most when researching hotels for their next trip: photos and video. If you are not utilizing video to market your property, you might as well be throwing cash out the window every day. Video is the best tool for showing travelers what your property looks like and what they can expect upon arrival. It allows your customers to feel confident their money will be well spent at your property.
Are you the owner or marketing manager for a hotel? Here are 5 tips to leverage video marketing for your property:1. Invite travelers and guests to submit video reviews of your hotel. Customer reviews can be the most vital selling point you have. This will allow researching travelers to access a well-rounded source of information about your hotel.

2. Make the most of property slideshows and videos. Sell your location to the researching traveler, with photos and video of your property — from the pool, to guest rooms, to the lobby and fitness center. Let them see it all. Here is a great example of a property video:


3. Inspire travelers with video. Don’t simply show them the inside of your property, but the outside as well. Is your hotel a beachfront location? That may be your number one selling point. Use video to help travelers imagine spending their vacation on the white sandy beaches outside your hotel. Are you in the center of a major metro area? Perhaps you’re located in a quaint mountain town. Whatever your location, use your surroundings as a selling point to future guests.

4. Avoid setting false expectations. As much as you want to inspire your guests and sell your property as the best in the area, you do not want to set up false expectations. If your property isn’t a five star hotel or resort, don’t sell it like it is. Focus on the realistic selling points and pros of your property without giving customers the expectation they will have an experience they simply won’t get at your location. If your property is more of a conference center than a resort, that’s OK! But tell it like it is.

5. Collaborate with other in the industry. Travel authors and consultants can be an incredible resource at your disposal. Search out trusted travel personalities and collaborate with them to create video content around a creative topic that you will both be able to share online. A few ideas of topics: Travel tips, top 5 things to do when visiting your city, best restaurants in town. Consider the topics prospective guests might be interested in when planning a vacation and create video around those topics.

When creating video content for your hotel, your mantra should be: “Show, don’t tell.” Create content that is more than people talking about your property. Show your guests what they will experience when they book at your location, rather than telling them. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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