Video Metrics on Way to Facebook: Feedback on Performance, Views

Video Metrics on Way to Facebook: Feedback on Performance, Views

Are you actively pushing video content out on Facebook and want to know how well it’s performing? Brands and creators who are used to stats at their fingertips from YouTube have been crying out for some kind of feedback from Facebook and the site is promising to deliver within the next few weeks. Page owners will at last be able to identify which videos are doing well in terms of views, including uniques, plus engagement metrics such as audience retention, and average viewing duration. The data will be available via the ‘Page Insights’ and ‘Ads Reporting’ dashboards.

In a blog post today, Facebook gave a preview of what to expect in terms of data. The site clarified that a video view only counts if a viewer watches for at least 3 seconds, and that it is counting auto-plays in the News Feed. It has also renamed the ‘video plays’ metric to ‘clicks to play video’, and confirms that these stats kick in only after a viewer has clicked to play a video and it starts playing.

Facebook: Audience Retention for Video Content

The Audience Retention metric supplies a lot more data than is currently available, including easy-to-view chart of how each video performs during its length. It also breaks down views in terms of organic vs paid. Organic page views are dropping drastically as Facebook aggressively pushes the paid business model, so it’s pretty surprising (misleading?) that they include such high numbers in the graphic below. We’ll be analyzing the real figures once the metrics go live…

The site also provides feedback on video views for 95% of a video’s length. The ‘Page Insights’ dashboard also provides feedback on the number of views at certain defined points in the video – at 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100% which should help in understanding why viewers bail at a certain point.

Facebook states that the new video metrics will be available for both organic (free) and paid (sponsored) videos. Watch this space for more information.

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