Video Micro-Moments and Your Marketing Strategy

Video Micro-Moments and Your Marketing Strategy

Micro-moments in the video consumption journey have a macro-effect on your marketing strategy

Video consumption is  more personalized, customizable, and popular than ever. Onceupon a time, we were slaves to the programming of cable, and tried to record our favorite shows on our already-overflowing DVR (with little success). Now, each and very one of us has a min-computer in our pocket, one that allows us to search for anything, at any time. Instead of the whole family arguing about what to watch after dinner, everyone can be satisfied with their own video, on their own time.

In terms of a marketing standpoint, this means brands need a new video strategy to stay relevant and useful in the changing landscape of video consumption. Think With Google identifies four micro-moneys (real-time, intent-driven moments) where brands can connect with customers, and be victorious over competitors. The four m omens that matter in video mico-moments are:

  • “I want to watch what I’m into” moments
  • “I want to know” moments
  • “I want to do” moments
  • “I want to buy” moments

18-34-year-olds say Youtube is the best place to learn about a product or service that interests them.

These four micro-moments define the journey that a consumer will embark upon when searching for a particular video. Think With Google nails down three ways to “win” at these micro-moments:

  1.  Identify the micro-moments where your audience’s goals and your brand’s goals intersect. Understand the map of your consumer’s journey, and where your brand falls on that map.
  2. Be there when your audience is looking with useful content that answers their needs. Once you understand the relationship between your brand and the consumer’s search, you can build a plan to be where people are looking.
  3. Help your audience find you, even when they’re not looking, with relevant video ads. When you place choice-driven ads in a relevant context, it can pique their interest.

If you want your brand to make the most of today’s video consumption, it’s imperative to understand video micr-moments, and where you fit in. Read Google’s article in depth here.

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