Video Quality Problems? Say Bye-Bye to Millennial Binge-Viewers

Video Quality Problems? Say Bye-Bye to Millennial Binge-Viewers

Digital video quality issues persist, and millennials will ditch content that’s not up to their standards. Based on recent research, millennial binge-viewers are a group that must be kept happy when it comes to video quality.

June 2015 polling by Conviva found that one-third of millennial binge-viewers in the US weren’t at all willing to endure a poor digital video experience, such as poor resolution or frequent interruptions. Those who would suffer were most likely to survive between just 1 and 4 minutes, with the share of respondents who would stick with content longer than that dropping off drastically.

Nearly half of millennial binge-viewers binge-viewed two (24%) or three (22%) TV series in a single session. However, respondents were most likely to stick with one series, at 41%, while just 13% watched four or more in one sitting. That the cohort typically settles down with one specific series in mind highlights why frustration may be so high when they encounter a poor experience—they know what they want, and they want it right away.

Desktops and laptops are by far the most important devices on which to ensure a superb video experience. When asked about the devices/services used to binge-view TV shows, millennial binge-watchers were most likely to use PCs. Regular pay TV and connected devices such as Roku or Apple TV were almost as equally important as one another and rounded out the top three.

Of course, feelings of irritation aren’t limited to millennial binge-viewers. In April 2015 research by Limelight Networks, 46% of adult digital video viewers in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US said they would allow a digital video to buffer no more than two times before abandoning it. Looking at mobile video specifically, May 2015 polling by On Device Research for the Interactive Advertising Bureau asked smartphone video viewers worldwide about the leading factors that were important when watching smartphone video. Good picture quality landed in the No. 1 spot (40%), and fast video buffering/streaming speed (33%) and good sound quality (32%) were also in the top five.

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