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American popular culture just wouldn’t be the same without some of the advertising campaigns of yesteryear. Harkening back to a simpler time the following five nostalgia-laden marketing campaigns should be familiar to everyone over the age of 35.A generation of Americans grew up watching frantic grocer Mr. Whipple scold shoppers for failing to resist the temptation to squeeze the packs of super-soft Charmin toilet paper, yet now the marketing genre is more video capacitated than ever.  Here are your highly anticipated points to ponder before taking videos online.

Sorry to disappoint, but we’re not getting into the Buggles today.

Videos Are Impressionable

Creating videos makes a lasting impression on prospects if you decide to build an engaging, high energy presentation for individuals. Maintaining eye contact with the camera, presenting a positive, high energy offering and delivering a relevant message can make an indelible impact on the minds of prospects. If you miss any of these factors you might be wasting your time creating videos.

Creating compelling videos is an art form and you can develop your skills in this area by practicing daily. Take 10 to 15 minutes or more each day to create videos. Deliver a helpful message and observe any tendencies which arise as you shoot videos, like perhaps your tendencies to look away from the camera or to drone on in a low, monotone voice.

Optimization Options

The most compelling, energetic and entertaining video drives few leads if the presentation appears in front of the wrong set of eyes. Many marketers struggle to create helpful videos because people needing those exact solutions never see the presentation. You can get around this problem and solve your video marketing woes by taking the time to target your video creation campaign.

Using keywords both in your video title, description box and in the video presentation itself sends a loud and clear message to search engines that you are building a presentation based on a targeted audience.

Videos Create Brand Identity

Have you ever asked a copywriter what the hardest part of their job is? It’s not grammar or editing; we’ve got those in the bag. Ironically enough, the hardest part about copywriting isn’t about the words, themselves…it’s about the feeling those words convey.

Creating a “brand identity” or a “brand voice” is a tricky process that’s different every time. Brand voice is about a company’s individuality or personality, or in other words, coming off as personable while still conveying an air of professionalism. The possibilities are endless and more often than not, a company won’t know which direction to take when starting to form a brand voice.

Guess what? Videos provide your brand identity – IF optimized correctly.

Content With Hashies On The Side

Although the use of hashtags in social media started off as an informal way of grouping discussions, it has now become so popular among social media users all marketers must be aware of its impact. A survey conducted by RadiumOne found 58% of respondents use hashtags on a regular basis and 71% of these users do so from their mobile devices.  Hashing where appropriate will help you because in marketing verbiage, hash tags are your friends.

Habla Something New

Language in video is important, especially with multilingual audiences growing in popularity.  Finding either one great team that can take any document to be translated by professionals or somebody to teach you marketing principles should be your goal.

Someone like Dennis Fountaine, a product conceptualizer and think tank guru which develops various brandable options for companies through his Rocket Science Labs, speaks the language of ingenuity.  Rocket Science Labs spends the necessary time to do thorough consumer research, thereby speaking the language of marketing through brainstorming.  Dennis develops numerous non-profit, pet and toy products which then, once completed, are sold for patent.  Speaking something interesting like this would prove useful to your video marketing needs, too.

Nothing can replace the motivating experience of working with a good language trainer, whether you are having individual or group training sessions. It’s the perfect place to ask all those silly questions and make as many mistakes as you like. But what takes place in the training room or during your telephone or Webex sessions, is not in itself enough to ensure you make the meteoric progress you had hoped. Taking charge of your own learning process outside the training room, on the other hand, almost certainly will. But where should you start?


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