Video SEO – Key to online video services

Video SEO – Key to online video services

With fall in viewership across traditional television channels, video content owners are looking to augment their revenue from digital Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms such as YouTube, Hulu etc.

With over 1 billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded per minute, YouTube provides a solid platform for video content owners to showcase and monetize their videos. For over a decade now, YouTube has built a humongous repository of uploaded videos. Video content owners, without a specific YouTube strategy, find it really difficult to differentiate and drive traffic to their videos. Video discoverability is key to video searching and monetization.

YouTube strategy encompassing video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help the video content owners offer quality experience to existing and new subscribers leading to increased views, likes, watch-time, adding as favorites, comments, embeds and social shares on Facebook & Google+. This will drive organic growth and hence augment the ROI from the YouTube channel.

For enhancing YouTube quality of experience (QoE), video content owners need to adopt and implement a number of YouTube video specific strategies.
Content: As a rule of thumb, nothing can replace and beat the original video content. Content gets top priority by YouTube search engine over and above all video metrics. Higher ranked video in YouTube Search Results Page (YSRP) draws more users and hence higher monetization.
Title: YouTube video title and file name should include specific Google SEO keywords which are highly searched.
Description: YouTube video requires a detailed description with embedded URLs.
Tags and Cards: YouTube video tags should include relevant and targeted video SEO keywords. YouTube provides mobile friendly cards/annotations to include outside links and images.
Closed caption (CC): CC option enables automatic transcriptions on YouTube video.

Video content owners need to concentrate on creating engaging videos and outsource the publishing and optimizing videos on OTT platforms to digital video management organizations. TO THE NEW Digital is a pioneer in digital video management and video SEO providing end to end digital video services.

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