Video Sharing Sites Provide Businesses New Video Marketing Opportunities

Video Sharing Sites Provide Businesses New Video Marketing Opportunities

January 20th, 2014, Author: Chip Arndt, Categories: Online Video Marketing, Video Communications, Video SEO

There are a variety of online video sharing sites, most notably YouTube, where organizations can host video content.  Many businesses and nonprofits distribute online video marketing clips such as explainer videos, motion graphics videos, promotional videos, etc. via video sharing sites.   These sites serve as online portals, enabling anyone to share and interact with video content.  As organizations increasingly create video content for marketing and sales lead generation, it is important to understand how different video sites can serve a dual-role of increasing SEO and reaching prospective viewers.

The top video sharing sites used by business marketers, identified by the Q4 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report are:

By far, the most popular video sharing site for video marketing is Google’s YouTube.  This site, now fully integrated with the Google+ social network, has become an important component to Google’s overall search businesses.  Organizations that use YouTube for video hosting gain credit on keyword rankings when SEO-optimized videos are hosted on the video sharing site.  This feature not only benefits video search, but helps improve search results for basic web searches.  Even if YouTube hosted video is not integrated into a website, video content posted to YouTube that is optimized with meta-tags and meta-descriptions related to core keyword terms will help optimize search results.

YouTube uses both Adobe Flash and HTML5 video rendering technologies to display video content. Additionally, the video site provides several tools for sharing and embedding videos across the internet.  Businesses can design a unique YouTube Channel that coordinates with their digital brand. YouTube Channels are a good venue for uploading sales and marketing related video content, including explainer videos, product overview videos, and general product marketing and education videos. Within the YouTube Channel, a featured playlist function enables users to group videos with similar topics. YouTube even provides a basic set of video analytics tools that can be used to track key performance indicators (KPI) that help assess video marketing success and can be leveraged to develop ongoing video communications strategies and content. YouTube’s video marketing value includes:

  • Free video hosting and streaming;
  • Optimizing video content for web and video SEO;
  • Device agnostic streaming so videos render on any desktop or mobile device;
  • Comments by viewers to see if your video is being well-received;
  • A direct video search engine for potential lead-generation; and
  • Basic video analytics tools.


Although participants in the 2013 Online Video Marketing survey did not identify Vine or Instagram as a video distribution tool, both social video applications have grown extensively over the last year. Organizations frequently utilize Vine and Instagram video to create and distribute short-form mirco-video content.  Vine and Instragram have become popular ways to share social video content.

To take full-advantage of the benefits offered by video sharing sites, many organizations partner with full-service video producers.  Comprehensive business video services can produce promotional and explainer videos and create web video marketing strategies.  Flimp Media offers an end-to-end internet video marketing solution that facilitates working with YouTube and other video sharing sites.  Flimp offers clients video production services, digital asset management libraries, video hosting, and video HLS streaming.  The Flimp video and multimedia platform is an Amazon cloud-based SaaS with a suite of tools that can create, distribute and track marketing videos without programming or IT resources. Integrated video distribution tools are provided for social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, along with direct integration with over 40+ email service providers (ESPs) and CRMs for easy-to-create video email content.  Flimp user’s can even generate embed source code for website and blog integration.

Special Tip: Most businesses and organizations use more than one video sharing site to broaden exposure and reach a greater number of viewers.

For example, Yahoo Screen is B2C focused and features editorial videos, along with sales videos that change daily to increase viewer attention.  Many of these videos are comedic or animated video content that has reached audiences virally.  On the other hand, Viddler focuses more on the B2B segment by providing video services designed for long-term business video marketing and video communications strategy.  Viddler offers paid-service accounts; a customizable video player; private, hosted communities; customized options for video advertising and branding; and video analytics.

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