Video: Testing the Camera on the iPhone 6

Video: Testing the Camera on the iPhone 6

Better Photos With the iPhone The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have received attention for their camera improvements. New York Times photojournalist Todd Heisler shows how to get better photos and videos with iOS 8 and camera updates. Video by Todd Heisler, Molly Wood and Michael Kirby Smith on Publish Date September 29, 2014.

The new iPhones have gotten almost as much attention for their cameras as for their larger screens and software updates-

Both the devices, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have a new sensor on the camera with something called Focus Pixels, an addition that enables significantly faster auto-focusing and more accurate colors. Other features include manual exposure controls, slower and crisper slow motion shooting, video stabilization and higher-resolution panoramas. The iPhone 6 Plus, the bigger of the two phones, also has optical image stabilization for reducing blur and allowing longer exposures in lowlight situations.

As many an amateur photographer has discovered, however, simply owning a better camera doesn’t always produce better shots. So to determine whether the iPhone 6 cameras are a true improvement over their already good predecessors, I shipped my review units to Todd Heisler, a staff photographer at The New York Times.

Mr. Heisler said the size of the iPhone 6 Plus made it too unwieldy to use on a daily basis, so he stuck to testing the iPhone 6. He said he didn’t miss the added features.

Mr. Heisler said the camera on the iPhone 6 was closer to his professional gear than ever before, because of the slider that lets you fine-tune exposure even when you’re rolling video and built-in tools for fine-tuning light, exposure, contrast and color. And he said that because of those controls, there’s no need to turn to third-party camera apps that can be more complicated to use.

Professional photographers like Mr. Heisler probably won’t be shelving their pro cameras for iPhones yet. But don’t be surprised if they pull one out on the job.

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