Video Trends in the Food Industry: Part 1

Why Your Restaurant Should Use Video

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For all of you food lovers out there who didn’t know, this week is DC restaurant week. In honor of this occasion, today we’ll be talking about promotional videos in the restaurant industry, or should I say, lack thereof.

Video marketing is over 6 times more effective  than print and online, yet many restaurants still lack any video marketing efforts. Video ads have become more prevalent among notorious family-style chains, such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster, however it is still rare to see an online or televised video for smaller, fine-dining restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner trying to attract customers, it’s about time to start using video. After all, by 2014 an estimated two-fifths of companies will be using video platforms like YouTube for promotional purposes. Here are some tips to help you successfully master your restaurant’s video:

Rule #1: Explain your restaurant’s history. What inspired the creation of your restaurant? Videos that include the history of the restaurant will come across as more of a story and less of a sell to your customers.

Rule #2: Keep your video short! It’s difficult to keep the attention of viewers in any video longer than 2 minutes.

Rule #3: Include artistic visuals of your food. I found myself craving dishes that I normally wouldn’t choose to eat, after seeing the food visuals in certain ads.

Rule #4: Interview your customers! Make sure your interviews are with real people, not paid actors, and your restaurant will gain more credibility. After all, restaurant goers LOVE reviews!

Rule #5: Low Budget, No Problem! If you’re a new establishment running on a low budget, don’t let your budget stop you from utilizing video. Here are a few suggestions for successful, low budget video marketing:

– Promote your videos through social media! You don’t need to spend tons of money on advertising to get the word out. A recent survey found that  89% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts generated more exposure for their businesses.

– Buy a tripod. You can find inexpensive tripods on sites like Amazon that will help keep a steady shot to ensure a higher quality video

– Ask a customer to create Vines for your restaurant. If you have a loyal customer who is passionate about your food, give them coupons in exchange for their work.

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