Video Trends in the Food Industry: Part 2



Exploring Video Marketing With Founding Farmers

Yesterday, we discussed the need for more promotional videos in the restaurant industry. Today, we are going to take a look at one of DC’s most popular and notable restaurants, Founding Farmers, and hear about their experience with video marketing. GBA spoke with Jennifer Motruk Loy, VP of Marketing and Communications for Farmers Restaurant Group, who provided insight on this topic.

GBA: When did you create your first promotional video and what made you decide to do it?

JML: In 2008, right after the opening of the restaurant, Yelp offered to create a complementary video profile on Founding Farmers. We thought it would be a great way to reach customers, and a useful recruitment tool to attract talent for the restaurant. Plus, it was free!

GBA: Have you created more videos since then?

JML: We have produced 6 more videos since the first in 2008. One was at the request of the North Dakota Farmers Union, the ownership company of the restaurant. We produced the other five videos ourselves, working with a local video creative team.

GBA: Do you think the promotional videos have helped your business?

JML: Absolutely 100 % without a doubt! The videos have helped us get media attention as well as international recognition. They have helped us so much to stand out as an upscale restaurant in the industry that we’re going to keep making them.

GBA: Not many upscale restaurants create promotional videos. Is there a reason you think these types of restaurants are shying away from video marketing?

JML: I think that many upscale restaurants don’t understand what to do with a video once they have it. It’s not like a TV commercial where you know your ad is going to get exposure. You have to be proactive in driving your video, with some strategy in mind. Luckily, we are equipped with a powerful marketing team. We do as much as we can across all kinds of initiatives. Many restaurants also think that the production costs are going to be too high. Our videos weren’t cheap, but they WERE cost effective. If you shoot lots of b roll, you can use it for other things.

GBA: Do you have any suggestions for upscale restaurants on what to include in a promotional video?

JML: Include music, have great narration, use testimonials, and of course include great visuals of your food. Make your video interesting, by including all different aspects and angles of the business. Don’t just say how great your restaurant is, but show it! I would also recommend getting partners involved in your video project. It will give you more credibility to have other people who believe in your brand talking about it. This is also a way to help defray the production costs.

GBA: Where can your videos be found?


JML: Whenever we have a new video we put it on our blog. We also have a YouTube channel with all of our videos. Currently, we are in the process of including a video window on the home page of our website.


Check back tomorrow for part three of the series, where we’ll be talking about YouTube as a popular platform for cooking shows.

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