Video Trends in the Food Industry: Part 3


YouTube: The Best Medium for Your Cooking Show

Cooking is an essential life skill. A home cooked meal not only saves money, but also functions as an excuse for family and friends to come together.

Where do people learn to cook? The Family cookbook has been a well-known teaching method for years, however, as we move into a more digital era where information is constantly distributed on the web, YouTube is becoming a huge platform for sharing recipes and cooking techniques! YouTube cooking videos are unique from the traditional televised cooking show as viewers have the power to control how they watch the video. They can rewind and fast-forward at any time.

YouTube is also a medium for self-production and discovery. You don’t need expensive producers or a camera crew to become a superstar! Real people with low budgets have gained huge followings. For example, mother and former math professor, Betty Givan, started her YouTube cooking channel called “Betty’s Kitchen” in 2009, using a handheld video camera and her daughter as the camera operator. Betty’s show went from a hobby to a career, as she gained 80,000 subscribers and was featured on major television stations, such as ABC News, CNN and the Travel channel!

“Betty’s Kitchen” is just one of the many successful cooking shows on YouTube. So, how do you keep up with the competition? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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