Video Trends in the Food Industry: Part 4


YouTube Cooking Shows: Keeping Up with the Competition

Yesterday we discussed YouTube as a growing platform for cooking shows. Tons of people are putting their own cooking videos on the web. How do you make your videos stand out from the rest?

Have a distinct theme. Here are some examples of shows with creative themes, that all manage to be totally different from the others:

The Sweetest Vegan (watch this sassy vegan share her favorite vegan dessert recipes)

Great Depression Cooking (an elderly woman named Clara talks about her childhood experience during the great depression and teaches you how to cook meals from the time)

Use music to strengthen the theme of your video. Notice the varying music choices in the two videos below. Each video incorporates a music style representative of the theme.

Under the Tuscan Gun (Italian food with Italian music)

BBQ Pit Boys (Traditional BBQ with country-style music)

Keep length of video under 10 minutes. Although most meals take longer than 10 minutes to prepare, the majority of popular cooking shows do not exceed 10 minutes in length. Instead of presenting every detail of the meal preparation, it is better to edit out the insignificant steps and verbally explain certain details of the recipe. Viewers simply do not have the patience to sit and watch as your meal is baking in the oven.

Words of Wisdom from Betty Givan of “Betty’s Kitchen. To wrap things up, I’m going to share some advice  from the expert herself, Betty Givan, on how to gain a better following for your YouTube cooking show.

– “If you use great video titles, images, descriptions, and tags, people who are interested in your topic will find you”

– “You must interact with viewers who have questions or comments”

– “You should set up a channel, being careful to choose an appropriate name that would give viewers an idea of what to expect from you channel. You won’t be able to change the name later, so you need to choose a name that is easy to remember and descriptive”

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